Why Choose Raleigh Gold Jewelry?
1) We are not a pawn shop or a "We Buy Gold" hole in the wall.
2) All of our buyers are GIA Graduate Gemologists, and/or DCA certified.
3) We are a Raleigh based, local, family owned & operated business.
4) We make easy to understand offers in an upscale, no pressure environment.
5) A+ Rated & Accredited by the Better Business Bureau for over ten years.     
6) Interviewed by ABC, NBC, News 14 & WRAL. We are the areas most recognized jewelry buying professionals.
7) Voted "Best in Jewelry" 2009 by Raleigh Citysearch Voters.
8) We offer a private, upscale environment. We specialize in estate jewelry, not guns, tools or lawn mowers.
9) We offer
FREE JEWELRY REPAIR and APPRAISALS to ALL of our clients.  See us for details.
10) Awarded Talk of the Town 5 Star Customer Service Award 2011

       Please Shop Around First & See Us Last.
If you plan on getting more than one offer on your items, we ask that you do so before showing your items to us.  
This way, if we take the time to examine your items & make a generous offer,  you will be able to recognize the
strength of our offer and we will have the potential to serve you at that time.

       Things To Look For In a Jewelry Buyer
Length of time in business          (Ten years in business or ten months?)
Accolades                                    (Look for customer service awards)
Professional Associations           (Better Business Bureau, Jewelers Board of Trade, etc)
Education                                    (Does the person inspecting your item have a gemological degree?)
Customer reviews                       (Look at reviews on Angie's List, Google, etc)

        Our Buying Is Simple & Transparent.
Your items will be separated & weighed in front of you.  If your items are unmarked (10kt, 14kt) we will test them &
show you the result of the test.  Any items with gemstones or diamonds will be discussed. These stones can be
purchased by us in some instances. Our generous offers are based on weight, spot gold, karat and re-sale potential.
Jewelry buyer raleigh
Silver Coins
We Buy the Following Items
Diamonds - We prefer 1 carat or larger with a GIA or EGL USA Laboratory Grading Report
Any Type of Gold, Platinum or Silver Jewelry ~ Gold & Silver Coins & Bullion ~
Sterling Flatware ~ Rolex Watches
Cash for Gold Buyer
Foreign Gold Coins
diamond buyer in raleigh
U.S. Gold Coins
Gold buyer in Raleigh
Coin Collections
Silver Serviceware
Silver buyer in Raleigh
Any Gold or Silver Jewelry
Gold Watches
Loose Diamonds
Class Rings
Gold and Silver Bullion
Gold buyer in Raleigh
Sterling Tea Sets
Dental Gold
NC gold coin
Dental Gold
Raleigh coin buyer
sterling buyer raleigh
Coin buyer in Raleigh
class ring buyer raleigh
NC gold jewelry buyer
Gold Buyer Raleigh
What We Pay
The simple truth is this, if you call a business to ask how much that business pays for jewelry or coins,
you will be told the highest, most optimistic number possible.
Let's face it, that's what you want to hear and the person on the other end of the phone
knows this.
Or they might reply, "we pay up to" and insert the highest possible number in their response.  
Anyone who is going to present an unfair offer will probably
not warn you first.
We do not approximate, speculate, give "rough ideas" or otherwise discuss pricing
on anything that we have not personally seen, weighed and tested.
You may choose to visit another fine jeweler to get an offer prior to visiting us,
OR to make things simple, do some research on our company or the company you are considering working with.
You will discover that we are fair and that we present generous offers in a safe, upscale environment.
Our accolades, reputation, and education speak volumes.  Please allow us to serve you.
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